How to Dance Gangnam Style Tutorial

How to Dance Gangnam Style Tutorial

Learn how to dance Gangnam Style! The popular dance from K-pop artist Psy is so catchy and fun that you might even want to learn it as a new hobby! Learn to perform this dance by following these tips! Sync your arm and leg movements! And don’t forget to practice! The tempo of this dance is super-fast, so you’ll need to learn to keep up with it. Once you have learned how to dance Gangnam Style, take a group of friends and start dancing!

Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

The popular Korean pop singer’s latest dance tutorial is proving to be a hit among celebrities. It’s no surprise that the video has been viewed by over a billion people. A few months ago, the video was sampled by the characters of Fox’s hit show Glee. The clip shows Psy performing the dance in a nightclub with people in costumes walking behind him. On October 23, 2012, a meeting of UN leaders took place in New York, NY, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon invited Psy onto the main stage and taught the delegates how to dance the Korean pop song.

You can easily learn the steps and movements of Gangnam Style through a step-by-step video tutorial. The basic choreography includes the horse-riding movement, chest pop, leg sweep, and pose. Once you learn the dance steps, you can teach them to your friends. You can even teach them to dance the Korean pop song. It’s the perfect way to become a K-pop sensation!

Lee Ju-sun’s “Oppa”

If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama, you may have noticed the cheesy dance steps performed by Lee Ju-sun. “Oppa” is the Korean word for older brother. A woman will call her older man “oppa” when she’s in love with him. The phrase is also used to refer to a man’s younger brother, or an older friend.

Britney Spears’ “Gangnam Style”

After watching Psy’s viral video of “Gangnam Style,” Britney Spears tweeted that she wanted to learn how to perform the dance. On the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she enlisted the help of fellow pop star PSY to learn how to do the famous dance. Psy surprised Britney with a personal dance lesson on the show. He introduced himself in the style and taught her the steps in three easy steps.

The viral song was released on July 15, and it instantly shot to the top of the Gaon Chart singles chart. It has since garnered over 144 million YouTube views. While many people are surprised that Britney chose to wear Psy shoes, the fact that they’re actually made of high quality materials makes the entire experience even more impressive. This makes the dance craze even more universal, said fans of the star.

Psy’s “Duet”

PSY’s “Duet” dance tutorial features a man and woman changing from one style to another. The man, referred to as P1, has black hair and a red tiger-print tuxedo. He wears purple knee-high socks and blue and turquoise oxfords. The woman, referred to as P2, is dressed in a turquoise-tied shirt and dark blue police cap. P2’s appearance changes from red hair and a purple shirt to a tiger-print shirt with dark sunglasses. The song is also famous for its iconic elevator pose.

The video for “That That” debuted a few hours ago, and has already accumulated over 12 million views on YouTube. It received widespread attention even before its release because of the video’s funny content and easy-to-follow dance steps. Many fans from around the world have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new music video. The rap superstar’s fans from all over the world are enthusiastic about the new music video.

Psy’s “Duet” with Britney Spears

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance to Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style”, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a viral hit that was the subject of a full-length sketch on Saturday Night Live. The sketch was centered on the song and the dance, and it featured a cameo from Psy. It’s a great dance tutorial that can teach novices how to move to the beat while keeping a sexy vibe throughout.

In the video, Britney performs at her request and gets involved in the heavier sections of the song, but stays relatively anonymous. She’s overshadowed by the men in charge. Her voice was also overheard during the Dark Ages and Original Doll, which was later cancelled. But that was before Psy’s “Duet” with Britney Spears video.