Don’t Cha Dance Tutorial – Dougie and Butt Roll

Don't Cha Dance Tutorial - Dougie and Butt Roll

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do the Dougie, you’re in luck. In this don’t cha dance tutorial, you’ll learn the pattern and steps to do the move. You’ll also learn how to do a butt roll. Learn how to do this popular dance step and start dancing right away! Hopefully, these tips will help you master the Don’t Cha!


The first step in learning Dougie is to learn to hold the arms. Bring your hand up and then bring it back down in a counter-clockwise motion. Bend your elbow first up over your head and then repeat the motion with the opposite arm. The most common arm move for Dougie is the arm-movement, but there are also variations such as arm-pops, rolls, and other specialized movements. When you have mastered the arms, try adding arm-movements and other variations.

You can also learn the basic steps of the dance by watching a video. While it may seem complicated, it’s actually very simple. The dance steps are simple, and you can learn it within minutes. It’s also great fun! Dougie’s don’t cha dance tutorial will help you become a confident dancer! You can download and watch Dougie’s dance tutorial now.

Steps to do a butt roll

In a dance, it’s important to bend the knees as you turn from side to side. This is the most feminine move, as the energy of femininity is associated with this action. Butt rolling in a don’t cha dance tutorial is a great way to express feminine energy. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow these simple steps.