Top 10 Revision Apps For Students

Gerard GreallyGerard is an Irish primary school & technology teacher based in Madrid, Spain. After training in London, he sought brighter skies and moved to an International school where he is ICT teacher to year 4, 5 and 6 students in an iPad one-to-one environment. Gerard… Read more about Gerard GreallyHow can you help your students revise?Revising isn’t easy. So, how can you help your students to become a ‘study ninja’? Revision apps can help students with organisation, investigation and memory. Take a look below at out top-10 suggestions.Study NinjaStudy Ninja inspires students to get motivated and build a personalised study plan.They can plan, practice, play and perform through a series of mini-games.Includes tips on the best ways to revise. This is just one of many excellent apps that will help your students to review more efficiently and effectively, preparing them for that all important exam: Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store.Here are our top-10 apps for helping students with revision this summer:1. KeepAll about organisation: from reminders to checklists –  this app has it covered.Image to Text is a great feature that allows you to grab text from photos. Students can take photos of their notes and off they go!Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store2. Quizlet3. PadletThe easiest and quickest way to collaborate. Students can create a shared space where everyone can share ideas, links, images and tips.The link can be shared with everyone in a class, allowing everyone to add in their information, save as a pdf and send to everyone!Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store4.  Popplet liteA beautifully simple way to create mind-maps.In this free version you are only allowed to create one popplet, so when you’re finished one, why not save a screenshot and start on a new topic!Download on the App Store5.  Spark PostMake revision less boring by illustrating important quotes.The final image would fit nicely in the centre of a popplet (app 4).Download on the App Store6.  ClipsOn Clips you can create short clips with live annotations!I recommend changing the language of your device; use the videos to test your pronunciation for MFL.Download on the App Store7. Classic Explain EverythingThe only paid app on this list. EE is my go to for any subject.Import a photo, video or popplet, then add your voice explaining what you want to remember: blurt out all the vocabulary, processes and dates you need!Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store8. TextingStoryA fun little app where you can create a video of a ‘text conversation’.Create common answers to questions in a fun and visual way!Try importing your video to Explain Everything and practice your accent!Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store9.  Gojimo10.  Paper by FiftyThreeVisually representing your information can save thousands of words.This app along with the others here has made my scrawl look beautiful!Appsmash this with SparkPost and Explain Everything to produce a video explaining processes and forming answers that words cannot suffice.Download on the App StoreAnd finally…A bit of productive procrastination!Although this isn’t technically an app, get your students to have a look at Auto Draw.This Artificial Intelligence project can guess what you are trying to draw and finish it for you, creating lovely little drawings which you can use to help explain a solution, or just to make your answers look less bare and to make revision that bit more enjoyable! Good luck to all your students with their exams from everyone here at Teacher Toolkit!Related

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