101 Female Educators to Follow on Twitter

@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitWhich female educators would you recommend following on Twitter?This is a list of people I have been following on Twitter since 2008. They are not all teachers, but educators in various sectors and countries, curated from online interactions to those whom I have met and have developed professional relationships. I follow about 650+ accounts, so this list represents some – not all – of the female educators I am following and my way of saying ‘thank you’.Context Needed:This has not been an easy post to curate – currently with 39 saved versions of this post – written on and off over 3 days. Anyone can publish this kind of stuff  and the chances of upsetting anyone who reads this post as a ‘popularity contest’ will be lost on a minority who do not read this and understand the context of why this is shared. The list is obviously limited by my own connections – I cannot follow everyone or know everyone – so I have referenced potential issues to limit upsetting some readers. Removing numbers may help, but I will repeat throughout, the list is not hierarchical, and is my list, not ‘the list’.From the outset, let me be clear why I am posting 101 Female Educators to Follow:This is a list all in one place, designed for those new to Twitter. It is a resource.The list is created to help identify different and interesting people to follow and to share ideas with others.It is a balanced split of female teachers and educators, featured from other parts of the world. There are gaps!This list is based upon the small sample of accounts I currently follow (only). I don’t know everyone.There are some rare duplications listed on 101 Teachers and 101 Educator posts which include both gender.When sharing accounts to follow with others, click the link underneath each biography to ‘shout-out’ that person; it will include the hashtag #101FemaleEducators.101. @JulesDaulbyI had the pleasure of meeting Jules at the BETT Show in January 2016. She is a teacher and a passionate advocate of the WomenEd movement.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?100. @RafranzDavisRafranz is one of my newest people to follow. She is Executive Director of Digital Learning and a Global Minecraft Mentor, author, and STEM advocate.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?99. @audreywattersI first discovered Audrey through her musings as @hackeducation. She is well-worth following for her personality and opinion.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?98. @mochamommaAnother one of my newest people to follow, Kelly is an Executive Director for Being Black at School. She is a speaker and activist.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?97. @RosaIsiahRosa is a Principal and presenter for equity and social justice. She is a new person that I am following an an advocate for EduColor in the USA.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?95. @rachellbull Rachel is a Fulbright Scholar and Teach First ambassador. We first connected after my blogs about think tank transparency. She shared her thesis with me with details the ins and outs of Policy Exchange. It’s a fascinating read!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?94. @HannahlIrvine A relatively new person for me to follow, Hannah is a Headteacher of North Roe Primary School; based in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Her Twitter feed is fascinating …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?93. @natalieperera1Natalie is also someone I’ve been following over the past few weeks as Education Policy Institute (think tank) continue to publish some very important research pieces on education. She is the Executive Director.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?92. @nourishedschoolAngela is a school Principal and has recently started blogging. She has written a fascinating account about the trials and tribulations of headship and is someone new I am following.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?91. @RusulAlrubailRusul is one of the key reasons why I am sharing this list. We first connected when she challenge the selection of people listed on my 101 Educators to Follow list. Since then, we have been slowly getting to know one another and an engaging, professional friendship is forming. She is the Executive Director for @helloTWP, on a mission to build student voice into community. She also promotes educators of colour and ethnic minority and also has a great TED talk worth watching.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.90. @jesslaheyJessica Lahey first started following me a few months ago. Her book title: The Gift of Failure perked my interest, so I’ve been following her on Twitter ever since. She is a teacher and author who writes for @NYTimesBooks.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?89. @hanan_hroubHanan was the winner of the Global Teacher Prize in 2016. That makes her simply worth following. I was watching the awards ceremony online as the winner was announced. She is a Palestinian teacher and her work is humbling.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?88.  @priyalakhaniI had the privilege of welcoming Priya to my school in September 2016. She is the founder of Century which looks at neuroscience and how students learn. Now, that’s something worth following! She previously won Entrepreneur of the Year and is a former barrister.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?87. @Miss_Khan868I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some teacher-training from Miss Khan at TMEnfiled in June 2016. She is a teacher of Science and shares some great ideas on Twitter.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?86. @SoniaAFA3ASSonia is a professor at the Institute of Education and an honorary professor at the University of Warwick. She once interviewed me for a job and also features on Debrett’s 500 Most Influential People in Britain list. She is the founder of Achievement for All.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?85. @PennyBarrattSENPenny, former PE teacher now Executive Headteacher for @TBSLondon, once interviewed me for a job. She is lovely and a huge advocate for special education needs. Her one wish is that special needs is considered in discussions about education from the point of policy, not after the fact.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?84a. @JustineGreeningA joint nomination here: Justine has been Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities since July 2016. She is Conservative MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields in London.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?84b. @AngelaRaynerAnd the second part of the joint nomination: Angela is an MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, Droylsden and Failsworth as Labour MP. She is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education and brings much common-sense to education. I’ve had a few direct message chats with her and she is keen to visit my school. Fingers crossed for 2017.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?83. @mdawriterMelinda Anderson is an education writer and parent with a deep interest in equity in education and the intersection of race, ethnicity, class and gender. As a ghostwriter for over 20 years, her work appeared in dozens of local, regional and national publications. Now writing under her own name, Melinda strives to elevate the concerns and needs of historically marginalised groups in education. She writes a fabulous blog, which I have only skimmed the surface.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?82. @rondelle10_bBukky loves teaching, leading and learning! She is a science teacher, teacher trainer, presenter and blogger. She also hosts @SLTchat and is on the executive group for bringing senior teachers together online, every Sunday across the UK.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?81. @Miss_J_HartI’ve met Jennifer at many teachmeets. She is a senior teacher and science teacher in North London. She is a proud geek and is eager to please!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?80. @amanda_spielmanAmanda is the incoming OfSTED HMCI and is the former Ofqual chair. Her appointment caused much fuss because she has no teaching background. Early indications show that she will be providing the education community with common-sense and compassion.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?79. @AllanaG13Allana is a deputy headteacher and a Future Leader. She is also part of the #WomenEd and #BAMEed movement. She champions authentic leadership, equality and diversity.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?78. @NatashaDevonMBEFull of opinion, following Natasha will always keep your timeline interesting. She is the former government’s mental health expert who was sacked from her position for being outspoken. Many would just say she was speaking the truth and is unafraid to discuss the mental health of our young people … She is one person I’d like to meet.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?77. @sehersureyyaSeher is an English teacher in Turkey, passionate  about edtech. She volunteers to work with the Khan Academy and is someone I’ve been following throughout 2016.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?76. @EllenerLauraI was lucky enough to visit Ellena’s former school when she was a deputy headteacher. The purpose was to magpie all of her coaching ideas and resources which are fabulous. She was even on interview for her new headteacher job, a wonderful school in Reading, and still make the time for us to visit.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?75. @AEMcFarlaneI met Angela early in 2016. She is an author, researcher, educator, now living off in the non-Twitter sphere. She is the key reason we now have a Chartered College of Teaching in England.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?74. @jazampawfarrJaz is amazing! She is someone I have met and would invite to any party. Always smiling, this mum of 3 is very active on Twitter and YouTube. She works as a literacy advisor and still teaches in the classroom. I was fortunate enough to hear her speak at my organised TMLondon 2016.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?73. @MissBsResourcesI met Danielle for the first time at BETT 2016, after years of being aware of her excellent work. She is a maths teacher and lead practitioner. Her mathematic resources are incredible …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?72. @nataliehscottI met Natalie in June 2016 at TMEnfield after following her story of teaching in refugee camps. She is forever smiling, has a wonderful human spirit and I can only imagine this shines through as an English teacher. She writes a very humbling blog and in July 2016, she won TES Blogger of the Year.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?71. @hubmumI met Emma at TMLondon 2016 when she was my keynote for the event. She is the founder Rewired and Young Rewired State which promotes girls into STEM subjects, coding and eLearning. Last year, she received an OBE from the Queen. She is also very tall …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?70. @ieshasmallGosh! I first met Iesha in 2011 when I organised my first teachmeet. It’s been that long! She has experience of senior leadership in London schools and is an associate for LKMco. She likes to challenge the status quo and certainly keeps my timeline interesting, She is also a passionate and vert good photographer.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?69. @HelenLPikeI met Helen last year when she was headteacher for South Hampstead High School. She is now Master of Magdalen College School, Cambridge and I hope to visit her there in 2017.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?68. @BeckyFrancis7I met Becky at SSAT national conference in December 2015. She is the Director of UCL-IOE and waspPreviously Professor of Education and Social Justice at King’s College. The work she does is fascinating, so she is a must-follow from me.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?67. @AbebabOne of my recent followers is Abeba, a cognitive science PhD student who studies at @ucddublin. She is Ethiopian and writes a very interesting blog …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?66. @aimeee2611I met Aimee at SSAT national conference in December 2015. At the time of meeting, she was the incoming Headteacher of Isca Academy in Exeter. I am confident she is doing a great job, with inclusive education at the heart of all that she does, improving the life chances of every child.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?65. @FosullivanOFiona is a vice principal who works in a rural school. We met when she came to visit me in my school last year.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?64. @hardy_alisonAlison is a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University for Design and Technology education. She is a PhD student and supports the removal of EBacc.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?63. @DigitalSistersThese girls are great! Tall, sophisticated sisters and social media lovers, Emma and Charlotte are the co-founders of Digital Awareness UK, campaigning to help young people survive and thrive online. If you need any social media advice, these are my go-to source.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?62. @abbiemann1982Abbie is one of these teachers every school needs. She is an English teacher who believes she has the best job in the world. She presents at teachmeets and I have had the pleasure of meeting her. She is forever on an adventure that makes me feel rather old and stuck-in-the-mud. If you want get up and go, Abbie’s timeline will inspire you!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?61. @juliefslaterJulie and I have followed each other on Twitter for some time. She is the regional CEO of a multi-academy trust and a National Leader of EducationClick above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.60. @rrunsworthRaj is one person in this list I would love to meet. We have been following each other for some time. She is a director for a multi-academy trust and has experienced governance on both sides of table. She is also one of the founding members of @UKGovChat.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?59. @avani_higginsI first discovered Avani on the television series, Educating Walthamstow. We then met when she came to visit me in my school. Avani is a historian and deputy headteacher at Little Ilford School in East London.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?58. @lisafathersAFLA spinning instructor and head of a Teaching School, you’ll tire watching Lisa’s timeline. Always on the move, she has a very positive timeline.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?57. @CEOScelI met Gillian in March 2015 when I spoke at a conference at Stirling University. She is the CEO of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership, working with @teamscel to drive forward leadership development in Scotland. She’s a good laugh too!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?56. @MaryCurnockCookI met Mary when we were both nominated for Debrett’s 500, Most Influential People in Britain in January 2015. She is the CEO for @ucas_online; trustee and governor of various organisations. Her timeline is very busy once A level results are published in August of each year.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?55. @ProfeEdTechFran is one of my newer followers and is an edtech blogger and education strategist. Her timeline is very interesting and is someone I’d like to meet if I flew across the pond for an event …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?54. @MsClaraGalanI met Clara at BETT in 2015. She has various roles in education and is currently the community and content marketing lead for @AmazonEdu.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?53. @mccreaemmaEmma is a teacher of design, culture and maths. She is a member of team @Staffrm and lives by the sea. We met several times, mainly at BETT.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?52. @Lisa7PettiferLisa is a huge advocate for the College of Teaching. I met here at the inaugural event at the House of Commons to celebrate the progress she and many others had made to make the College a reality. Her timeline is humble and full of the challenges every teacher faces outside of the city; she is head of English working for United Learning and blogs regularly.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?51. @MsHMFLJulie is an assistant headteacher. She is a blogger and regional leader for @WomenEd. We’ve been following each other on Twitter for some time …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?50. @MaryBoustedATLI met Mary briefly at Northern Rocks 2016. She is general secretary of ATL and works tirelessly to ensure teachers have a fair deal. Someone truly worth following …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Image: Shutterstock49. @HeyMissSmithI’ve yet to meet Jane, a teacher who works in Camden Town, London. She is ‘still teaching’ and is a passionate teacher, blogger and tweeter. Full of common-sense, she keeps your timeline interesting and remains one of my top people I’d like to meet in 2017.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?48. @HecticTeacherKimberley claims to be a hectic teacher, sharing ideas and resources for across the secondary curriculum. We met at TMLondon and have an EdCamp co-project as part of our ‘to-do list’. One day Kimberley, one day …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?47. @Sue_CowleyWhere would the world be without Sue?! You’d be a fool not to follow Sue. She is a writer, teacher, trainer, presenter and blogger that keeps everything that appears to be going mad, steady and sensible in the online world. One of my must-follows… I had the pleasure of meeting her at my book launch and also at Northern Rock, being part of her CPD session which was stupendously brilliant. Every school teacher needs to meet Sue.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?46. @RunroberRachel is a PGCE Secondary English tutor, working at the University of Reading. She is an self-proclaimed edu-geek who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?45. @Benita_SimmonsBenita’s biography is simple. I used to work with her and you must too! If you ever find yourself with the chance of hiring or working with her too, then bite her hand off! She is currently an assistant vice principal for teaching and learning at a school in North London.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?44. @HelenaMarsh81Part of the @SLTchat team, Helena is an executive principal and English teacher. She is an author and blogger and someone I have met years ago at SLTeachMeets. She also forms part of @HeadsRoundTable.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?43. @NicolaCforster5I first met Nicola when she asked me to lead a training session for her staff at her school. She is the headteacher of a West London Primary School, full of common-sense and passion for education. What more do you need? Follow her now!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?42. @RosMcMOne person you must follow is Ros McMullen. She is executive principal of Midland Academies Trust after trying to step away from education last year, she lasted less than one year away from the classroom. Her personal Twitter account is full of education, politics, religion, family and sheep! She is worth millions for her common-sense opinions and is well-respected online for her views. I met her briefly at EdReform in 2014.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?41. @ruth_whymarkI met Ruth at EdReform in 2014 and I was struck by her passion for education and her calm and professional manner. She is now headteacher of Dulwich College Junior School Suzhou, China and was formerly headteacher of Cranmer Primary School, London ’09-15.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.40. @TGriffiths123I met Tracy at a Future Leaders breakfast meeting in the summer of 2014. We both sat at the back of the room like naughty children. She is one of those personalities that brings out the best in people. She is a headteacher of a wonderful primary school in Walthamstow with amazing pupils & staff! She was part of the Future Leader Cohort 13.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?39. @thosethatcanI met Emma at workload and well-being event held by the Guardian in July 2014. It feels a long time ago since we met to discuss such an important issue. Our views and history may have moved on, but the topic of teacher well-being is still stuck. Emma continues to advocate well-being in schools and has just passed Doctorate in Education on this very topic. She is the author of book on teacher recruitment and retention and is an experience senior teacher of MFL and English.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?38. @DeirdreTalksDespite following each other online for several years, I have yet to meet Deirdre. She is interested in international policy, and is a specialist in careers research and practice.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?37. @DiLeedWhat can I say about Diane? She keeps me in-check and ensures I help spread the word about her passions: English, literacy and EAL. She is a former classroom teacher, who is active on Twitter and within the teachmeet movement. She is a legend when it comes to discussing diversity and inclusion on her blog and Twitter feed.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?36. @Dubai_TeachmeetI met Rachael at a TMLondon event I organised in 2013 or thereabouts. She lives and works in Dubai and had flown over for a holiday, and to also present at the event. If that does not say something about her passion for teaching, I don’t know what else would. She is my go-between education in the UK and the Middle East and is worth following for her lifestyle and her passion for teaching.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?35. @nancygedgeNancy, Nancy, Nancy. Where do I start? She is the TES blogger of the Year 2015. Mother, writer, teacher, ranter of Down’s Syndrome and education. She is a force to behold and is a new author. She even traveled far to be at my book launch! If you do not follow this lady, you only have yourself to blame for a monotonous timeline!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?34. @AlisonMPeacockJust take a quick look at Alison’s profile page on Wikipedia, which is enough to make your knees tremble! She is the former headteacher of @WroxhamSchool and is the incoming CEO for the Chartered College of Teaching: the most important job in England right now! I look forward to finally meeting her at my school in February 2017.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?33. @brhollandBeth is a doctoral student at @JohnsHopkinsEdD. She is blogger for @Edutopia and is an ed-tech researcher. She has been one person I’ve been following in across the pond for sometime …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?32. @MaryMyattI’ve worked with Mary in two schools over the past 5 years. She talks with pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum, and she is VERY good at it. I was honoured to put her name forward to publish her first book with Bloomsbury. She is a voice that needs to be heard. She is polite, calm and poignant and is my Mrs. Marple of the education world.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?31. @LCLL_DirectorI’ve met Vivenne and we once organised our own SLTeachMeet in July 2015. She is an academic and consultant, working for UCL at the Institute of Education. She is a chair of governors and is one of the driving forces behind WomenEd.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?30. @arti_chokePam lives in New Zealand and is synonymous with SOLO taxonomy. She is worth connecting with if you are interested in education on the other side of the world. She is a blogger working with schools.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?29. @DrBethanMorganI first met Bethan an BELMAS conferences over the past 4 or 5 years. She is an education researcher and university teacher at Cambridge. She’s also a great laugh!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?28. @MolymeMolyneuxA deputy headteacher at Sharples School, in the North of England. We once shared a table at TES awards ceremony in 2014 for our contributions to the community. Molyneux is a lead educator for National Space Academy and talks much common-sense.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?27. @rlj1981Rachel, one of those rare and few people I have made a Twitter relationship cross over into my personal Facebook world. She is a teacher, passionate about ed-tech. She is also a wonderful mother who keeps her children very active in the outside environment, but then, you’ll have to take my word for it. She’s also an author and we met – despite having connected for years before – at EdReform in July 2014.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?26. @BinksNeateEvansHeadteacher of lots of mini people. Binks is chair of Norfolk Primary Headteachers’ Association and is a humble member Heads’ Roundtable. I suspect also a very important one too …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?25. @rehanashanksRehana is a dedicated headteacher working in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is someone you’d like to go to dinner with. Luckily, I have! We sat next to each other for dinner at conference events when we met at BELMAS in 2012. She is an EdD student, wife and mum of 4 amazing wee individuals. She is also the Vice Chair of BELMAS, so she knows her stuff and is worth connecting with.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?24. @mrsdonaldson82Gina is a primary headteacher at StSilasSchool in Liverpool. She is one those passionate people on Twitter doing great things under the Twitterati radar, active since 2009 and long before many of us!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?23. @debrakiddWhat can I say about Debra? She is a teacher and teacher-trainer who wrote the book: Notes from the Frontline. It’s a book I would have wanted to write, but would’ve never managed it so well. She speaks so much common-sense and challenges much guff in education. She organises the fantastic Northern Rocks annual conference in Leeds and is also one the few who has also crossed over into my Facebook world.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?22. @AnnMroz I met Ann in 2013 when she visited me at one of the schools where I used to work. She asked me to write for the TES and I said ‘no’. It probably was one of my ‘writer regrets’, but has spurred me on to write here. We later met at TES HQ in 2014 after my Vamosse hoo-ha, but I hope Ann saw this as a step-forward for ‘resource contributors’ and the online education community. She is the Editor and Digital Publishing Director of TES and is what I would describe as, education royalty. She is well-connected and full of personality. Follow her now …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?21. @ChocoTzarThis is a pseudonym Twitter account for this ‘real headteacher’, where she is free to rage about something in education away from her responsibility as a senior teacher. She likes chocolate and blogs frequently about the realities facing many of our children. Not afraid to say it how it is, we met at a conference in 2013.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.20. @jillberry102Jill is everyone’s mentor, offering advice to those online and reading blogs. I’ve had the privilege of hearing her speak at many of the CPD events I have organised. She is a former headteacher, now doing leadership consultancy work, who has just completed a professional doctorate on moving from deputy headship to headship. Her new book is out now!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?19. @HThompson1982Hayley is an associate assistant headteacher in Harrogate, in the North of England. She is passionate about science and has contributed to a chapter in my 100 idea book.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?18. @NeedhamL56Linda is an education consultant, passionate about science education. She is the chair elect of the ASE and is someone I am keen to meet in 2017. We have been following each other on Twitter for ages!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?17. @CoatesSallyI first met Sally at Debrett’s 500 when we were both short-listed for Most Influential People in Britain, January 2015. She is the Director of Academies South for United Learning and has written a great book: Headstrong.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?16. @lancslassrachI’ve met Rachel at TMLondon 2016. She traveled over 250 miles to be there in her school holidays. That says how committed she is to her own professional development! She lives in the Isle of Man and is a keen canoeist is her spare time, working as a languages teacher. She is a digital leader interested in the use of technology to aid teaching and learning. She is a Google certified educator and frequently chats with me on Anchor, an app hardly no one has found!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.15. @hgaldinosheaHelene is an English and media teacher, who is part of the popular @researchED1 team/movement. She has interviewed the secretary of state for education and has worked with the Department for Education. We have met several times at educational events across London …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?14. @virkjayJay is a primary headteacher living and working in the Midlands. She is an OfSTED Inspector, lover her dog and pampering herself to help manage her own well-being. Her timeline is always full of good fun!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?13. @benniekaraBennie is an assistant headteacher for teaching and learning at a school inNorth London. I managed to encourage here to start blogging and she still does to this day. We met in 2013 and she is part of the @SLTchat team. It is great to see her be part of the WomenEd movement.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?12. @judeenrightI met Jude at a teachmeet I organised years ago. She was a deputy headteacher at the time, who has now gone on to be headteacher of Queens Park Community School in North London. She loves the 5 Minute Lesson Plan!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?11. @KleinErinErin is one of my go-to tweeters in the USA. She is an edtech blogger and is extremely active online. She is one person I’d love to meet if I ever traveled to the USA for an event.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?10. @Miss_WilseyHannah is a newly appointed headteacher and is very active online. She uses Twitter to her full advantage, sharing important issues in education. She is the co-founder of the WomenEd movement in the UK, an important issue recognised by the government in 2016 and their White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere. Hannah is a ‘doer’ and it will be interesting to see how she goes about setting up her new school in 2017 …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?9. @rosBIGWRITINGRos is well-know online for her short 140 character poems about education They brighten up my day. She claims to be ‘slightly over 21 and disguised as elderly to fool’. She is working as an education consultant and is someone I’d love to meet in 2017.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?8. @PivotalEllieEllie Dix is the brains and braun behind Pivotal Education, an organisation transforming behaviour across the UK and overseas. Heavily involved in teacher-training, Ellie and her husband are equipping teachers to manage behaviour better by making sure adults are not part of the problem in the classroom.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?7. @OhLottieI finally met Claire at the BETT Show in January 2016. She is an assistant headteacher, author and TES columnist on ed-etch matters. I took this sneaky selfie of us together!Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?6. @carolinebreyleyCaroline is a headteacher on Shetland Islands, Scotland. her hope is that her children will be part of a great community and global citizens. Her timeline keeps education real for me; with our schools polar opposites in terms of environment. Fascinating to read …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?5. @aangeliAngela is one the first Twitter people I met, way back in December 2011! She is probably one of the first people I followed and have met and it’s great to know we are still connected. She is an assistant headteacher and SENCo in Primary Education. Interested in Art, Design and IT.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?4. @fullonlearningI finally met Zoe at a conference in 2015. We were both leading workshops and although brief, I hope to meet her again soon. Zoe is passionate about education and is the executive director of the Clevedon Learning Hub. She is also an author and her book, Full On Learning is well worth a read.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?3. @NSRiazatNasima has been tweeting since 2009 and again, is one of my most earliest Twitter connections. She is a PhDchat moderator and is always encouraging me to commence my PhD research! People often ask me about Twitter relationships and how my large following can be explained. Well, Nasima is one reason. Over the years, we have both dipped in and out of online forums and exchanged ideas. This is the reason for online growth and explains how good ideas and friendships stick. She is interested in distributed leadership, leadership sciences and developing middle leaders. I have been promising her to start my own PhD ever since we connected. I’ve set myself a starting goal of 2020! I promise Nasima.Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?2. @TheHeadsOfficeThere are times in life when opportunities arise and people are there to offer genuine support in return for absolutely nothing. Julia Skinner will remember, way back in 2007 when I was first looking for a senior leadership position, Julia offered to read my supporting statement and we spoke over the phone (200 miles apart). Small favours last a lifetime. She also supported me during my redundancy in 2011. I finally returned the favour in 2016 when she asked me for social media advice. Julia is a retired headteacher who is passionate in all aspects of education and leadership. She is the founder of the award-winning 100 Word Challenge and is here to help all! She is the person you must follow on this list …Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?1. @dawnhallyboneFinally, Dawn Hallybone. It took me years to meet Dawn at teachmeet events in 2016. We have been following each other since the beginning of time and to this day, the first and remaining female educator that I am following on Twitter. Dawn describes herself “before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos!” She’s been tweeting since 2008, a teacher and mum she is forever smiling and a voice of reason online. Follow her now or ask yourself ‘why on earth have you read this far?’Click above to ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference. Why not consider 101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter, or 101 Educators to Follow too.I would be keen to connect with educators in the South America, Asia and Africa. Leave your recommendations in the comments below. Related

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