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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitWho would you recommend following on Twitter?This list of educators are people I draw inspiration from on Twitter. They are not teachers, but educators in various sectors and countries, curated from those whom I have been interacting with online for up to 8 years; some people I have met and have developed professional relationships with. There are many people missing from this list.This is another version of 101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter, but this time I include people who are not in the classroom.Context:So, from the outset, let me be clear why I am posting 101 Educators to Follow:it is designed for those on Twitter to help identify *new* people to follow.it is a carefully balanced split of (roughly) 50 male and 50 female educators, not teachers.it includes a variety of Twitter accounts from various parts of the world.it also aims to include a range of ethnicities.it will not be perfect.it is based upon Twitter accounts I follow (only).and most importantly, the list in produced is NO particular order.Following publication, I am looking for more recommendations from South America, Asia and Africa. When tweeting, click the link underneath each biography to offer a ‘shout-out; include the hashtag #101Educators.Remember, this 101 list is in NO particular hierarchy or order of preference.101. @AliceHoylePSHEAlice is all about PSHE (but mainly sex education and mental health) and blogs here. She is based in the South West and joined Twitter in 2011. She came to most tweeting teacher’s attention in the summer of 2014 when English schools were exposed for having inadequate sex education policies!Click here to give Alice a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?100. @CoolCatTeacherAmerican-based Vicki Davis is a prolific tweeter. Her blog is ranked within the top-30 across the world! She is the host of Every Classroom Matters and is one of the first educators ‘across the pond’ I have regular contact with …Click here to give Vicki a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?99. @EduSumSummer Howarth based in Australia is a curious learner; National Director of Learning @educhangemakers | Educator | Enthusiast | Adolescent Advocate | Once described as Nifty | Believes in desserts for breakfast!Click here to give Summer a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?98. @RealDCameronCharming, witty and super-intellectual, this Scotsman talks business when it comes to shifting goalposts in education. I first met David when he attended an @SLTeachMeet I organised in Edinburgh 2013. He is a trainer and school consultant.David is the real Mr. David Cameron!Click here to give David a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?97. @TristramShepardProbably one the most topical bloggers I know, Tristram is passionate about equality and design education.Click here to give Tristram a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?96. @Miss_McInerneyLaura is the deputy editor of @SchoolsWeek, a Guardian columnist and Freedom of Information warrior! She makes known, countless educational issues and raises awareness with many teachers. Where would we be without her?Click here to give Laura a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?95. @DavidMcQueenA true gentleman, David is passionate about education, family and his kids, plus cultural identity. He is a speaker, startup mentor and presentations coach.Click here to give David a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?94. @NSRiazatNasima Riazat has been tweeting since 2009 and again, is one of my most earliest Twitter connections. She is a PhDchat moderator and is always encouraging me to commence my PhD research! She is interested in distributed leadership, leadership sciences and developing middle leaders.Click here to give Nasima a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?93. @[email protected] campaigner, I met Pooky in 2012 or thereabouts – now a Dr. – when we first connected via TES resources. I have huge admiration for her work in #MentalHealth, where she works tirelessly as an ambassador and educator. Her website is jam-packed with goodness!Click here to give Pooky a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?92. @JillBerry102Ex-headteacher and has just submitted her PhD thesis! Jill Berry is the only person I know that regularly reads a wide variety of blogs and responds with feedback. In person, she is inspiring, intellectual and a great fun to be with! She does educational consultancy work and I’d highly recommend her.Click here to give Jill a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?91. @Informed_EduDavid Weston is an inspiring man! He is the CEO and founder of @TeacherDevTrust Chair of @educationgovuk CPD Group. Founder: @OutTeacher with a great TEDx talk. He is a school governor and former maths and physics teacher.Click here to give David a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?90. @MaryMyattHaving worked with Mary for the past 3 years, this lady is the Miss Marple of education. Her blogs cut through the mud and her HMI presence online helps teachers and school leaders sort out the great and the good in classrooms across the land. If I were you, I’d ask her in to work in your school today!Click here to give Mary a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?89. @ICTEvangelistMark Anderson is a self-confessed learning geek and former senior teacher. He left the classroom in January 2015 and has never looked back. He is the author of ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ and is a regular face at blog awards. Enough said!Click here to give Mark a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?88. @RosMcMA stalwart in common-sense, recently retried headteacher Ros tweets on education, politics, community organising, religion, family and sheep.Click here to give Ros a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?87. @MaryBoustedATLDr Mary Bousted is the general secretary of ATL. Mary contributes regular articles for newspapers and education journals, and appears frequently on national media.Click here to give Mary a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?86. HarfordSeanSean is an HMI and Ofsted’s National Director, Education. He leads on policy for Early Years, Schools and Further Education and Skills. He is a gentleman and wants to do the best for schools ‘during his watch’.Click here to give Sean a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?85. @MaryCurnockCookMary is the CEO USAS @ucas_online; Trustee for @theaccessp and @theNationalStar. Mary is a governor for @SwindonAcademy1 and Magdalene College School; and an academic visitor to @HertfordCollege. She recently featured on Debretts 500 2015.Click here to give Mary a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?84. @Doug_LemovDoug is author of very popular books; Teach Like a Champion, Reading Reconsidered and Practice Perfect. He says that ‘most views are borrowed from someone smarter’, but I doubt it. He is founder of @UncommonSchools.Click here to give Doug a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?83. @CEOScelGill is CEO of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership. Working with @teamscel to drive forward leadership development in Scotland. She is lovely!Click here to give Gillian a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?82. @DigitalSisters#DigiSisters are two sisters, social media lovers and co-founders of Digital Awareness UK. Campaigning to help improve e-safety standards in schools. They are tall, charming and savvy!Click here to give Emma and Charlotte a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?81. @BeckyFrancis7Professor of Education and Social Justice at King’s College. Tweeting education policy and sociology. Becky is soon to lead the Institute of Education (IoE) from July 2016.Click here to give Becky a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?80. @DoctobPsychologist with an intelligent twist of humour! Tim O’Brien’s last academic position was in Psychology and Human Development at @IOE_London. He claims to have “been inside fascinating minds in fascinating places for many years!”Click here to give Tim a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?79. @RussellHobbyRussell is the General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers; with over 28,000 members.Click here to give Russell a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?78. @NickClancartyArtist, writer and cross-bench peer in the House of Lords. Also, lovely in real-life and against the EBacc.Click here to give Nick a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?77. @LordJimKnightLord Jim Knight is the Chief Education Adviser at TES and a member of the House of Lords. He talks about teaching, learning and education.Click here to give Jim a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?76. @TomBarrettClick here to give Tom a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?75. @SchoolTruthFiona is a brilliant writer and journalist for various columns. She is an author, school governor and campaigner. Common-sense personified.Click here to give Fiona a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference.74. @AlanPeatAlan Peat (Fellow of both the RSA and Historical Association) and international author and educational consultant. He offers high impact training, books and apps.Click here to give Alan a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?73. @SusanBanisterSusan is regional director for Canvas FE, a school governor and STEM Ambassador. She is from ‘up north’, in a town very close to my heart.Click here to give Susan a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?72. @Annie_FoxAnnie lives in California, USA and is a parental expert for tween/teen year-olds. She is author of Girls’ Friendship and writes for the Huffington Post.Click here to give Annie a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?71. @BrianLightmanBrian was General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) from Sept. 2010-Jan. 2016. He is now tweeting in a personal capacity and has his own consultancy to support schools.Click here to give Brian a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?70. @AngelaMaiersClick here to give Angela a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?69. @GrahamBMNever shy of controversy, Graham Brown-Martin is a catalyst for ideas; a writer, speaker and author of Learning {Re}imagined. His blog is worth reading.Click here to give Graham a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?68. @ShellTerrellBased in USA, Shelly Sanchez was one of the first Americans I first started to follow once I got to grips with Twitter. She has not disappointed! Always at the forefront of education-technology, Shelley is an author, woman of the year and founder of @EdSpeakersCo, bringing a diverse range of people to education-stages.Click here to give Shelly a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?67. @GerardKelly33Gerard is not only tall, but big in personality and educational knowledge! He is a journalist and former editor of the Times Educational Supplement, now running his own PR consultancy specialising in education.Click here to give Gerard a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?66. @JackieBeereJackie Beere is a leading educational trainer and consultant, a former Headteacher. She is also a successful author of many books – most we would have seen on the book shelf – and was awarded the OBE for services to education in 2002. She has continued to help schools improve ever since!Click here to give Jackie a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?65. @TimRylandsWith over 25 years of classroom experience and always with a sense of humour, Tim is mysteriously known as the ‘games bloke’. He has received notable recognition for using computer games and receives vast amounts of press coverage for his brilliant work. Read Tim’s blog: timrylands.com – it’s full of gems!Click here to give Tim a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?64. @NatashaDevonMBENatasha is a recent follower for me and promotes very important health and well-being issues; including positive body image. She is a social-media stalwart! Check out her website: Click here to give Natasha a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?63. @hubmumAgain, Emma Mulqueeny is a new connection for me. She was a keynote at an event I organised in March 2016: TMLondon. She is the founder of Rewired and Young Rewired State; Digital Democracy Commissioner; as she says, she ‘speaks geek, is very nice and is rubbish at email!’ Her website is: www.emmamulqueeny.co.ukClick here to give Emma a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?62. @JohnDunfordJohn is an educationist and chair of Whole Education and Step Forward Volunteering. He is the ex-National Pupil Premium Champion, ex-general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders. He is a true gentleman!Click here to give John a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?61. @CyclyingKevKevin is deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers. He is originally from Pontypridd, South Wales and thinks the 1988 Education Reform Act was the start of the rot. Here is the moment we met.Click here to give Kev a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?60. @MsClaraGalanI met Clara at the BETT Show 2015. She is based in California, USA and is works on community and content for @AmazonEdu. She is keen to explore the future of our education from Silicon Valley.Click here to give Clara a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?59. @SianGriffiths6Sian is the education editor for the Sunday Times newspaper. She was nominated for ‘Reporter of the Year 2015’ at the Britain Press Awards and is a presenter on BBC Wales education documentaries.Click here to give Sian a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?58. @ThoseThatCanEmma is an ex-teacher and senior member of staff, now working full-time as a parent and doctoral researcher. She is currently working on becoming an author of a book on teacher well-being and retention.Click here to give Emma a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?57. @NCowenUKNick is a PhD student at @KingsPol_Econ (Kings College). We first met in 2012 when he interviewed me for his PhD.Click here to give Nick a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?56. @TheReal_MrBeezyMr. Beezy is a motivational speaker, motivating people – mainly students – for success later in life.  He is good fun and well worth considering brining into your school to talk with students.Click here to give Bola a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?55. @BRHollandBased in Rhode Island, Beth is an instructor with @EdTechTeacher21. She is a blogger for @Edutopia and an ed-tech researcher, completing her doctoral at Hopkins University School of Education.Click here to give Beth a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?54. @RichardGerverRichard claims he is in ‘search of the simple’. This view probably comes after years in education, and his own extraordinary journey, which has seen him go from struggling actor, copywriter and estate agent, to becoming an award winning teacher and principal. He is a world-renowned speaker, author and broadcaster, well-worth getting into your school or institution for a speaking engagement.Click here to give Richard a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?53. @arti_chokePam Hook is based in New Zealand. She has developed the classroom based use of solotaxonomy; a structure that provides a simple, reliable and robust model for three levels of understanding. She is working with schools and teachers to make learning visible.Click here to give Pam a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?52. @KerryEusticeNow based in New York City, USA, I met Kerry in 2012 when we organised the first-ever @SLTeachMeet event. Kerry is editor and has editorial partnerships with, @GuardianUS and is the former editor of @guardianteach.Click here to give Kerry a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?51. @DonJLedDon Ledingham is based in Scotland and is chief executive of Ceannas, and honorary professor of leadership at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. He was headteacher of Dunbar Grammar School, which was judged to be one of the ten most improved schools in Scotland during his headship. He is a non-executive director and depute chair of the Scottish Book Trust.Click here to give Don a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?50. @FKellyBased in Scotland, Fearghal is a teacher, but is currently seconded to the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL). In his spare time, he moderates the Twitter channel, @Pedagoo which brings about best-practice from a community of classroom teachers.Click here to give Fearghal a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference.49. @Graham_IRISCGraham is excited by being the director of IRIS Connect; empowering teachers to be the best they can be through video observation. He has a great sense of humour and is always seen taking part in SLTchat.Click here to give Graham a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?48. @AnnMrozAnn and I first met in 2012. She is the editor and digital publishing director of the TES, and former editor of Times Higher Education.Click here to give Ann a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?47. @AdisaPoetI first watched Adisa perform in 2005 or thereabouts. We have kept in touch ever since. He is a poet, writer and performer. He strongly believes, freedom lies in the quest for our artistic voice. His website is worth a visit; I strongly recommend him performing in front of your kids or staff!Click here to give Adisa a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?46. @NAtkinI’ve known Neil since 2012 and is the craziest and most-engaging presenter I know! He is a international teacher-trainer, developing creative independent learners; using technology for transforming learning. He is worth following if you love Science and surfing!Click here to give Neil a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?45. @ClaireLYoungClaire is a business owner of @schoolspeakers and ambassador of @girlsoutloudorg. She is a public speaker, passionate about young people and enterprise! You may recognise here as an Apprentice finalist from 2008? We met last year …Click here to give Claire a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?44. @SylviaHowiesonScot, now living in New Zealand, Sylvia is acting senior advisor for Taranaki, the ministry of education for ‘down under’.Click here to give Sylvia a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?43. @JToopCEO of Teaching Leaders, James heads up an impact programme for high potential middle leaders in challenging schools. It is a wonderful programme and he is a pleasure to be around.Click here to give James a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?42. @DotLepkowskaDorothy is an award-winning education writer. She writes for various newspapers and education organisations.Click here to give Dorothy a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?41. @LawrenceRenaldoI thought I was tall at 6’4″ until I met former basket-baller Renaldo in 2012! He is an author and Apple distinguish educator. He is an advocate for eSafety and eLearning and his website is worth a ‘nose around’.Click here to give them a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?40. @CarolCampbell4Scot, now based in Canada, I first heard Carol speak at a BELMAS conference in 2013. She is director of a group of researchers in Ontario and a research exchange to make research more accessible. She is passionate about mobilising evidence and action for educational improvement.Click here to give Carol a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?39. @Charlie_LoveBased in Aberdeen, Scotland, Charlie is co-chair of the Technical and Operational Advisory Group for the Scottish government. He is a developer with a strong history of curricular innovation and assessment.Click here to give Charlie a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?38. @LornaChampCorkI first worked with Lorna in 2012. She is an expert in education and leadership, who helps schools, parents improve and sustain educational outcomes. She is author of the ground-breaking book Supporting Black pupils and parents and has a brilliant sense of humour! Check out her website.Click here to give Lorna a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?37. @SWilliamson_CEOI met Sue in December 2015 when I spoke at the SSAT National Conference; she is the chief executive of SSAT, an independent, international membership organisation that works with schools and partners to shape a world class education system. She is a diamond and even took the time out of her busy schedule to visit our school in February 2016. Click here to give Sue a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?36. @Penny_TenEx-teacher and ex-director of The Key, now at @ChallengePartners. Penny is passionate about education, social mobility and is often seen taking part in @UKGovChat; a place for UK school governors to share good practice, support and challenge each other.Click here to give Penny a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?35. @BillWatkinFor the past 10 years, Bill has been operational director for the @SSAT; working to identify, nurture, record, share and celebrate what works well in schools. He writes brilliant articles, always ‘on the money’ when key topics are raised in education. He is soon to become CEO of the Sixth Form Colleges’ Association.Click here to give Bill a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?34. @LCLL_DirectorVivienne is the director for school partnerships at the University City London and Institute of Education Chair of Governors. She is professor of learning, research & practice and a national leader for @WomenEd.Click here to give Vivienne a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?33. @SueRobinson2I first met Sue at a BELMAS conference in 2013. She is a former headteacher and national leader for education, now working as an education consultant. She is development director for the @ElliotFndtn, a charitable multi-academy trust for primary academies. She is currently completing her research with the University of Warwick.Click here to give Sue a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?32. @DebbieForsterDebbie is CEO for the brilliant @AppsForGood, an award-winning open-source education technology movement that aims to build the next generation of problem solvers and makers. I’ve used the scheme with my students and it’s well-worth looking in to …Click here to give Debbie a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?31. @Dr_BlackSue Black is one of my most-recent people to follow. She is a honorary professor in computer science and listed in the top-50 women in technology across Europe. Click here to give Sue a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?30. @GCGodfreyGemma works in television and not education. Nonetheless, she is worth following to see how the world of business and technology impacts on education. She offers a fascinating insight into ‘life behind the camera’. Click here to give Gemma a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?29. @brynllBryn is passionate about the environment and education and has a 20-year career working in different schools in Bradford, West Yorkshire, including three Deputy Headships. He’s been blogging for 5 years.Click here to give Bryn a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?28. @1julieJulie Nash is an NAHT national executive and former headteacher at Cape Cornwall School. She is now working as an education consultant and Ofsted inspector.Click here to give Julie a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?27. @RealCBDCaroline is an author and advisor to schools. She currently works in schools and colleges across the UK and overseas.Click here to give Caroline a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?26. @HelenSalmon2Based in Devon, Helen has recently retired from headship after leading two schools in the South West; both schools were in special measures and both improved rapidly. She is an avid tweeter on nature and the environment. Click here to give Helen a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?25. @imisschalkBeth is studying for a doctorate, MA in Education (Leadership & Management) and is an educational consultant, mentor and member of BELMAS. She is based in North Yorkshire and blogs at iMissChalk.Click here to give Beth a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference.24. @CreativeSTARJuliet is passionate about dirty (outdoor) teaching and play. An educational consultant, she is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her website is here.Click here to give Juliet a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?23. @KennyGFrederickKenny is a former secondary headteacher and is now working as an education consultant. She is studying for her PhD as a student at Brunel University. I have known her for 8 years and she has blogged for Teacher Toolkit.Click here to give Kenny a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?22. @DavidPriceOBEDavid is a education speaker and author of ‘OPEN‘ and a senior associate of the Innovation Unit, UK; he is the co-founder of ‘We Do Things Differently‘. I have his book to read this year …Click here to give David a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?21. @Lem_SuttonTrustLee is a former journalist and is now working as the CEO at think tank, Sutton Trust. He is a trustee of the Education Endowment Foundation.Click here to give Lee a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?20. @SuperAsmyAsmy – quite possibly one of the best colleagues I’ve ever worked with –  is a former cover and staff professional development manger; efficient, sharp and an eye for detail … without her assistance, my work at school would be abysmal! Asmy has just left the place where we both work to complete a placement for Mountbatten Institute in New York City. I wish her well for the future … and hope she starts using Twitter for her career development.Click here to give Asmy a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?19. @RogerJPopeRoger is the new chair of NCTL; he is a national leader of education and principal of Kingsbridge Community College in Devon. He also acts as chief executive officer of Academies South West.Click here to give Roger a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?18. @Adept_EducationJohn Viner was headteacher of 5 primary schools – I hope not all at the same time! – and is now a school improvement consultant. He is based in Kent, England.Click here to give John a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?17. @Liz_SidwellI met Liz in 2013 when she was Schools Commissioner for England. She is now an education adviser and strategist, who writes the occasional (great) blog.Click here to give Liz a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?16. @OutinthemhillsMichael is a recent connection for me, after hearing him speak on the radio about OfSTED. He is one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and Ofsted’s Regional Director for LondonClick here to give Michael a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?15. @AEMcFarlaneI met with Angela recently to discuss the College of Teaching proposals. She is the CEO and Registrar at the College of Teachers, working towards a fit for purpose, independent College to support teachers and teaching. She has an interesting and challenging project on her hands and is well-worth following for inside information.Click here to give Angela a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?14. @PaulGarvey4I’ve worked with Paul in 2015 and 2016 on various teaching and learning projects. He offers no-nonsense and pragmatic advice for teachers who want to improve. He loves talking teaching, supporting schools and speaks as a consultant. He lives in the South West.Click here to give Paul a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?13. @MichaelRosenYesI’ve never met Michael, but we do have two things in common. 1) We both have work/study at Goldsmiths College, University of Arts London and 2) his mother (Connie Rosen) and I both feature in 110 Years of Education at Goldsmiths. He is a writer, poet, performer, broadcaster and Professor of Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London. He writes a good book or two …Click here to give Michael a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?  12. @Garnett_SI worked with Steve in 2015 and his training session was great! He is an award nominated author for ‘The Subject Leader‘ teacher and trainer.Click here to give Steve a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?11. @I_AtkinsonIan is a business and operations manager at an academy school in North London; he is also a new-build school specialist and his knowledge about building regulations and ICT is second-to-none. Pretty impressive for a 20-something!Click here to give Ian a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?10. @RapClassroomDarren is completing his PhD, whilst working as a higher-education tutor. He lives and works in London, England and has a passion for hip-hop; Power to the Pupils. He’s one person on this list I’d be most interested to meet …Click here to give Darren a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?9. @Andy__BuckAndy is a former headteacher and director at the National College of Teaching. He is now managing director of Leadership Matters and dean of the Leadership Faculty at Teaching Leaders – a body of people in which I also sit around the table to steer the work of the CPD programme.Click here to give Andy a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?8. @SchoolDuggeryKnocking up an impressive 85,000 followers (circa. April 2016) on Twitter, this single-handed female on Twitter is “keeping an independent and occasionally caustic eye on schools and education”. The account is a must-follow for educators in the UK.Click here to give School Duggery a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?7. @DeputyMitchellFormer headteacher David Mitchell, is now delivering training for teachers on new technology, old tech and for those who want no technology; Mitchell is a speaker and is the founder of @QuadBlogging – 500,000 pupils from 50+ countries! He explains this best, here.Click here to give David a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?6. @McLeodBased in Iowa, USA, Scott McLeod is an ‘ideas-man’. Director of Innovation and blogger, McLeod is widely recognised as one of America’s leading experts on K-12 school technology leadership.Click here to give Scott a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?5. @Catriona_OBased in beautiful Stirling, Scotland, Catriona is lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). She is a PhD student (Learning Rounds; PLCs; critical realism) and administrator for @SELM4S. She blogs at ‘Cat’s Eyes‘.Click here to give Catriona a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?4. @NewTeachersTalkAlan is an award-winning speaker, who presents talks to new teachers on professional and ethical issues in teaching. If you ever need any eSafety advice, Alan is your man. He blogs here.Click here to give Alan a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?3. @LKMcoI met Loic in 2008 (ish) at a roundtable discussion with Dylan Wiliam. At the time he was with @TeachFirst as a teacher and has since established his own think-tank.Click here to give Loic a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?2. @ActionJacksonI’ve worked with this man in 4 schools over the past 10 years! Action Jackson is ‘on fire!’ He is a motivation founder of @thefixupteam, working with great students and teachers to transform ourselves into champions. If you’re ever in a bad mood, this man will lift your energy; he leads great workshops for students and is worth taking a look.Click here to give Jackson a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?1. @WallaceIsabellaFinally, always with a smile on her face, the lovely Isabella Wallace. She is the co-author of two very popular books and delivers and leads training for schools.Click here to give Isabella a ‘shout-out’ on Twitter?Remember, this 101 list is in no particular hierarchy or order of preference.What I would be keen to hear from readers, are any suggestions to connect with educators in the South America, Asia and Africa. Leave your recommendations in the comments below.TT.Footnote:I only follow 600 (circa. April 2016) accounts on Twitter. This blog contains 101 educators, those who I follow and connect with. I wanted to make this distinction. This is my list. It has taken several days to create this, code and publish it here and I could easily spend more time and add countless more educators. However, this would defeat the purpose of publishing something useful for people looking to follow somebody new, or for those new to Twitter. Related

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