How Can We Improve Teaching?

@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitHow can we genuinely improve teaching?This is my presentation for #TMLondon, shared on Wednesday 23rd March 2016. Something To Consider?What I hope to offer in my presentation, is something for all schools to consider for the future.This is what I believe to be the next ‘brick in the wall to strengthen the quality of teaching’ and learning for all schools and most importantly, the individual teacher.In the details, I share the teaching and learning journey that is evolving throughout schools in England and offer a methodology for introducing coaching into schools. The reason that this is one proposal I am championing, is so that grading lessons and any type of formal observation is banished forever! In its place, a model to genuinely support the teacher.In this presentation I offer (rough) statistics to help calculate the costs and provide the logistics to help make it feasible.Listen:Click below to listen to me speak through my presentation.I would recommend that you view the resources and read through the slideshow as I speak. The audio is 8 minutes long and the presentation is to be shared at #TMLondon. I share it here to allow readers more time to consider the model, as on the night of the event, I delivered my presentation message in just 2 minutes! the image to share a ‘thank you’..… and you can download my presentation here.I have previously shared my thoughts on coaching model here. It may be worth reading to see how this model is evolving. I hope this may be something your own school will consider …Say ‘thanks for sharing‘?TT.Follow @TeachMeetLondon for updates and follow the #TMLondon hashtag to view information from the event. Related

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