How can @OfstedNews win over teachers?

@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitOfsted is ‘no longer just disliked, but disdained‘, according to last week’s teacher conferences.This headline (above) was published in The Guardian tabloid today (22.4.14).What changes could Ofsted make to regain teachers’ confidence?Photo Credit: N. Lee the Adequate via Compfight ccIt’s the first day back at school today, so I’ve been slightly distracted with childcare (another blog rant) and pending revision and examinations. So, this blog is nothing more than regurgitation. For your information, I was asked to comment on this Ofsted headline last week for The Guardian tabloid today. Below is just one of my suggestions that was published …How can @OfstedNews win over teachers?To read the full article click on the image below. I have copied my full comment below the image as the article has only published a snippet.Click to openFull comment:“Allow inspectors to visit classrooms, but do not record a graded evaluation for teaching. Ofsted holds such a major – perhaps damaging – influence on educational orthodoxy and any sound regime, would be one that improved the quality of education, and not have teachers second-guessing pedagogical preferences. Hold all schools to account, consider different types of inspections, but allow the data to speak for itself! When meeting with Mike Cladingbowl in February 2014 (Ofsted’s Director of Schools) he was prepared to consider this. He stated that Ofsted wanted to engage with teachers and schools, but how they go about this is another issue.” (Comment in full)What would you suggest? How can Ofsted win over the profession?Comments are free:You can leave feedback on The Guardian website, or at the bottom of my blogpage. All comments will be forwarded to Mike Cladingbowl.Other popular Ofsted reads:The @OfstedNews headlinesAn edu-blogger mandate for @OfstedNews by @TeacherToolkit#Vamoose! I’m off… to a meeting with @OfstedNewsSecret @TeacherToolkit: A leadership experience of Ofsted #SecretOfstedThwart the Grim-Reaper: #Ofsted reworks (Sep ’13)Clipping:I have added the news-clipping (for keepsake), to show my mother!Newspaper clipping 22.4.14The Guardian 22.4.14Related

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